Legal Services

No one can predict the future. As more Americans become entrepreneurs, they discover that wise business planning is essential to their success today and their financial security tomorrow. Anderson Reynard provides business legal services for businesses at every stage of development.

Additionally, Anderson Reynard provides the following legal services:

Estate planning - create a definite plan for managing your wealth while you’re alive and distributing it after your death. Let Anderson Reynard develop and implement a personalized estate plan for you and your family.

Probate litigation - this is sometimes necessary to protect the rights of beneficiaries or heirs, potentially due to an unclear or poorly drafted will, or a dispute among family members. Get the support you need to navigate this legal minefield.

Real estate purchases - avoid the common mistakes that can prevent you from successfully purchasing your dream home or office. We structure your real estate transaction to decrease your risk of future legal disputes.

Anderson Reynard is a specialty law firm providing comprehensive estate planning, business planning, and real estate consulting for families and businesses.

Avoid legal headaches with the guidance of our accomplished
San Diego attorneys.

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